How to Become a Thought Leader

How to Become a Thought Leader

So you want to be a thought leader… This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart because I see so many women afraid to go all in, they are afraid of being truly seen and of being judged.

Now more than ever we need women to step up, to share their vision and their voice, to reach back and give a hand to the women who don’t yet see their purpose and their power. Thought leadership is about your legacy and the impact you’re making on this world.

What is a thought leader? 

Wikipedia’s definition is “ a thought leader as an individual that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded.”

Cambridge Dictionary defines a thought leader as “an expert on a particular subject whose ideas and opinions influence other people.”

Who can become a thought leader and why is it important?

Every single person on this planet has a unique perspective, gifts, talents and experiences that have helped shape them and by sharing they can help others. This is our purpose in this world, this is the work that we’re meant to be doing, this is what lights us up and gives our lives meaning.

I believe a thought leader is someone who helps people see and think differently. Their livelihood is about sharing their story, their message and helping others. They make their income through writing, speaking, coaching, and consulting.

How does someone become a thought leader? 

By sharing their unique vision, their successes and failures, by sharing their framework and methods that have helped them. You don’t have to go find your purpose and your voice, you already have them, you just have to tap into them. Use your intuition to guide you and begin to feel confident enough to step into the person that you’re meant to be.

I believe our purpose propels us forward when things are hard or are taking longer than we want them to. Once we are so deeply connected to our purpose we can start to share our voice through blogging, videos, podcasts, etc....there’s so many ways to create content now. Pick the one that feel most aligned with you, something you can see yourself doing for a long time.

Do what feels right for you. For me podcasting feels lonely, I don’t really have a place to do it and my closet felt kind of sad so it’s not where I spend my time right now. I love video, ever since the app Periscope (released in 2015, pre-Facebook live) came out with live video I have loved making videos and even named my website “Kim Porter TV” because of it. I get excited about all the ways I can incorporate video into my content creation. Find what feels good to you and stick with it!

You do not need a million followers to make an impact.
— Kim Porter



Being a thought leader means putting your thoughts out there for the world to see and hear. It’s scary at first to step into your personal power, to own your story and share it but that’s where all the good stuff is. If you’re feeling resistance just start small.

I started sharing quotes and articles on my personal Facebook page that resonated with me, then I started to create my own. One day when I felt brave enough I shared my truth about my depression, anxiety, feeling out of alignment and unfulfilled in my life and everything changed for me. Being vulnerable is also being brave and it’s how you step into the woman you’re meant to be.


With the internet we can reach people all over the world which is amazing but can also be overwhelming. It’s scary enough to share our story with our friends and family but now we have to share them with the world too? You have to get over yourself, you’re just afraid of being judged and when you step into thought leadership you have to put your fear on the back burner.

When we’re helping change the world we have no time to let fear stop us, we’ve got bigger things to do! It’s so important to use the internet to get our message out but I also believe it’s important to start with our own communities, start with where you live and then build out from there locally, to national, and then international.


Do you have a unique perspective that can help others to see things in a new or different way? Have you been through something that you can now show others how to get through it with more confidence or spending less money and time? The difference between someone who is a thought leader and someone who isn’t is the method or framework that you create that can help others.

Without a way to help others you’re just sharing your story but not really making the impact that you could be making. Think about how you got through your tough times, what made the difference for you? What would you love others to know?


Are you a writer, author, speaker, podcast host, video creator, etc.? Be clear about who you are, what you do and what your message is.

Make it easy for people to work with you. Do you have a book, a membership, a course, or do you offer 1:1 coaching or consulting? Don’t make people search for a way to work with you, if you resonate with them, make it easy for them to pay you for your gifts and talents.

It’s so important for us to help raise the consciousness of the entire planet and that starts with you. By stepping into your personal power and highest self you are changing the world!

Are you ready to step into your role as a thought leader? I would love to hear from you, comment below or go to my Contact page to send me a message.



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