4 Mindfulness Practices That Can Change Your Life

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I’m sharing with you the mindfulness practices that have changed my life and I now teach to my coaching clients. At the peak of my makeup artistry business success I felt like I was on a fast moving train that I didn't know how to slow down or get off of. It was an exciting time and so much fun but there was also the constant feeling of being frazzled, like I was running a million miles a minute. I spent every second of my day worried that if I took any time away from my business that it would completely fall apart. I was always connected to my phone or my computer, I remember my kids asking for me to play and I never would, mommy was always working.

At the time I was heading straight to burnout and I didn’t know it. I eventually had to learn boundaries, to say “No” to things that weren’t in alignment with me or my vision, I stopped giving my power away and looking to others for validation. These mindfulness practices helped me to change my life and that is my hope for you!

1. Set Your Intentions

Each morning when I wake up I set my intention for how I want to feel, for me it is always “calm, connected, and fun”. You can find lists of core desired feelings on Pinterest and online, pick 10-20 that feel good to you and then start to narrow them down to 3 that really resonate with you. I check in with myself throughout the day, “Am I feeling calm, connected, and fun?” It is also helpful to set a new intention each time you are moving from one thing to the next, check in with yourself and make sure you are in alignment with how you want to feel.

2. Meditation

Give yourself a break, you’re not suppose to know how to meditate if you’ve never done it before! If you were riding a bike for the first time in your life you wouldn’t expect to get on and ride after your first try but after some practice you would be well on your way. Be easy on yourself this takes practice and if you make yourself feel bad about not getting it right you are missing the point.

If you have some resistance to meditating or don’t think you can do it, just think of it as quiet time, this is the time you can tap into your intuition and your inner guidance system. At first you may want to try a guided meditation, you can check out the Hay House Meditation podcast or find one of YouTube, eventually you will not need to be guided you will be able to enter a meditative state on your own.

3. Journaling

Journaling is my therapy! It’s not like in high school where you wrote “Dear Diary” and talked about your day, this is a way for your to get your thoughts and fears onto paper and out of your head. It’s a way to process your emotions privately and without getting others involved in your trauma and your drama.

Also, take some time each morning to use your journal to write things down that you’re grateful for, things you love about your life, write your goals and dreams for your future. This will help you stay high vibe and excited for things to come while feeling gratitude for the abundance that you have now.

4. Being Present

Motivational speaker Rachel Hollis recently said, “Be present where your feet are.” That spoke to me because how often do we have a million things running through our minds, we are either thinking about something in the past and regretting it or we are anxious about something in the future, we never seem to be fully present in our bodies.

A few times a day I make myself stop whatever I am doing, close my eyes and take 3 deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth. I want to actually feel myself in my body, to be present. It’s also important that we give our loved ones our full attention when we are with them, make a habit of putting your phone and computer away and be fully present with them. It’s the quality of time you give them, not the quantity.

If you plan to include some or all of these mindfulness practices in your life, let me know in the comments below! As always I offer a free introductory coaching session, if you think life + business coaching may be right for you go to my Contact page and let’s set up a time to chat!