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Kim Porter is a transformational life and business coach. She helps women tap into their purpose so they can feel more fulfilled, less overwhelmed and anxious while making more money doing what they love. Kim has been featured on the “Enlightenedhood” Podcast and many other podcasts. She works with women online and in-person in Virginia Beach, VA.

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Our phone call really got my wheels turning and gave me the motivation I needed to get moving! It helped me realize that this doesn’t have to be as far into the future as I thought. I just needed some direction and knowledge from someone who has done it.  Thank you!
- Rylee Spencer, Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist

Working with Kim was wonderful! She’s the perfect mix of organized and systematic with a creative spin that can keep up with the wild mind of a creative entrepreneur. She helped me organize my mental chaos and set up a plan of action without diminishing or dismissing even my most “out there” goals. In the past I’ve had coaches shut me down or reign me back in and Kim did exactly the opposite. She encouraged each idea I presented but helped me place them in an order that made sense on the path to my bigger picture. I cannot wait to work with her again in the future after putting the steps she’s given me into action. She’s empathetic, real and quick to share her own experiences in a way that encourages you and makes you feel understood. Thanks so much Kim! - Candace Nichole, Host of the Rise and Glow Podcast
Kim came into my life when I was searching for my purpose and just really having some low moments after my kidney transplant. I love how she allowed me to be brutally honest, then gave me tools to start writing triggers to my sadness, but more important what/who I am grateful for. Not focusing on the acts that we couldn’t change but the attitude and reactions we could. Be positive allowed her to pull out of me what I see and want for my future. I look forward to our meetings. I always leave happy and inspired! - Marisha Clark (Google Review)
life coach virginia beach
When I spoke with Kim the first time, I was full of ideas but I had no idea how to implement them and no real direction. Kim spent time listening to my heart and then she was able to help me find clarity, a sense of purpose, all while encouraging me through the process. I also left knowing the next steps to take to help propel my business forward. Thank you so much, Kim for taking that time with me. You are amazing!! - Lauren Clayton
Kim has been a huge support for me through a hectic period of transition in my life. She has helped me to approach myself with more love and better patience and understanding in my family life. With Kim’s help, I’m figuring out what makes ME happy and have stopped negative cycles through self-reflection and honesty.
- Rachelle, Entrepreneur

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