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I’m Kim Porter and it’s my passion to help women create the life and business that they really want! I’m an award-winning entrepreneur, I’ve built multiple successful businesses and positioned myself as a leader in the wedding and makeup industry.

In my coaching I blend my proven business and marketing strategies + powerful personal development skills to help you take your business or career to the next level, make more money doing what you love and a bigger impact on the world!

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Check out some of my work as a professional makeup artist below and read testimonials from my mentoring and coaching clients!

"I first met Kim Porter back in June 2015 when I was doing hair for a styled shoot. I was so excited when I found out she was the makeup artist for the shoot. I have always admired her work and had a total fan girl moment when I finally met her. Kim is humble and kind, a go-getter, and a wonderful mentor. I know there are other artists that are not always willing to share their knowledge or give advice, but Kim is willing to share."

Sharra McLain owner of Beauty by Sharra


Our phone call really got my wheels turning and gave me the motivation I needed to get moving! It helped me realize that this doesn't have to be as far into the future as I thought. I just needed some direction and knowledge from someone who has done it.  Thank you! 

Rylee Spencer, Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist

I'm so happy I was able to find Kim's coaching group, I'm a motivated makeup artist building my own freelance business. I needed help improving to a more professional level, I was struggling with rates and systems to help me operate more efficiently in my business. On top of our coaching group, Kim also taught me in an in-studio class allowing me to earn a certificate and learn about airbrushing. This has helped me to provide extra credentials to my name and business!

Having her as a mentor means that you have support from an experienced artist that knows the industry. I had no idea there was even a #rocknrollbride style in the wedding industry. I'm sooo thrilled to have learned this from her for it fires my soul to know there is creativity in the wedding industry! I love a unique, colorful and bright but classy bride! A more classic style is amazing but it is so nice to be true to myself, to be creative and colorful, and I learned this from Kim.

Overall it is so beneficial to have the support from another successful makeup artist to improve your website, build an email list or bring your business skills to a more professional level. Kim takes the time to answer my questions regarding travel fees and my business plan, little improvements like apps to use, client management systems, goal setting and maintaining industry standards that are so vital to a successful career.

Candice Ennis, owner of Beauty by Candice Ennis

Member of the Inner Circle VIP Coaching Group


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