Recap: Social Media Marketing Made Easy Conference

Social Media Marketing Jennifer Allwood 2.jpg

I recently attended the Social Media Marketing Made Easy conference in Virginia Beach hosted by Sharon Blackwell owner of Every Little Thing Market. I was only able to attend the Saturday morning session as we had already planned to have my son's birthday party that day but all the information was so great!

The list of speakers were Jennifer Allwood who is a Business Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs and owner of The Magic Brush, Angela Herrigton a Life and Digital Strategy Coach for Christian Women, and Melanie Diehl a Digital Marketing Strategist.

I have been following Jennifer Allwood on Facebook and Instagram for a few months and her videos have helped me to grow my online business and social media. I don't usually get all fan girl but I was so excited to meet her and to find out that she is in person just as she is on her videos!

I took a ton of notes that I'll be sharing with my Inner Circle Coaching Group but wanted to give you a few tips that I think will help to grow your social media and online presence.

Jennifer suggests that to build our Facebook pages we should be posting a minimum of 4 times a day (woah!) and posting Facebook live videos at least 2x's per week. Who here has been putting off doing live videos? (yep, me too!)

 Angela Herrington posed these questions to help us better understand our clients/customers:

Who do you want to reach?

What do they care about?

Where do they hang out?

What do you have to offer to them?

Why do they care?

How will life be different if they get it (your product/service)?

How do they get it (your product/service) from you?

Finally, Melanie Diehl discussed how to use Google My Business for promoting your business. You can get customer reviews, post your times of operation, and let clients/customers know what your business is all about. If you go to you can claim your free Google listing.

Social Media Marketing Jennifer Allwood.jpg

Me and Jennifer Allwood taking a selfie, no biggie! :)

Overall it was a great chance to connect with other business owners and learn more about building my social media! I think the best feeling was knowing that just a few weeks before I saw the information for this conference I said to my sister that I wished there were more ways for me to learn and connect in our area and then *boom*, one of my favorite coaches that I have been kind of sorta stalking online comes from Kansas City to Virginia Beach! It just goes to show when you put it out into the Universe, the Universe gives you exactly what you ask for! 

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