Be Rigid with Your Goals

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Yesterday I was watching a TV show with my toddler and as I'm sitting there watching this older gentleman dance and sing on stage I thought, "Wow he probably grew up wanting to be a rock star but that didn't work out so now he's a rocking entertainer for kids". At first I thought that was sad but then I thought about all the things young boys fantasize about if they want to be a rock star when they grow up:

Raving fans

Rocking out, doing their thing


And this guy definitely has all three! It got me thinking about my journey and another quote that has really stuck with me, "Keep your goal in mold and your plan in sand" - Lisa Nichols.

Growing up I wanted to be the usual hairstylist, veterinarian, teacher... as I went through high school I wasn't a bad student but I definitely didn't have it all figured out either.  After high school, I started at community college and quit, worked my way up into retail management, then thought I might want to do interior design and went to work at an architecture and interior design firm. Once I realized that wasn't working either I started community college again with the intent of going into teaching.

It was at that time I took a part time job working at a cosmetics store having zero experience and never wearing makeup other than lipstick. After working there awhile, women would come in asking me to go on-location to do makeup for their wedding. It was then that the light bulb went off in my head, like hey this is an actual business and when we start a family I can work on the weekends and be home with our children during the week. 

Fast forward years later we had two elementary age children, I had a successful makeup artistry business with a studio and makeup line, and I suddenly felt this little nudge to do something more. I had been teaching makeup artistry classes for a few years but I wanted to go more into the mindset and strategies to help women grow their businesses. I announced one day to my sister, "I want to do coaching" but I had no idea how that would work into my busy life. I had no idea how to get started or what the next step was but once the idea was there, I couldn't get it out of my head.

It just so happens not even 2 weeks later I found out we were expecting our third and *surprise* baby! The story gets to be like a winding road after that and the coaching idea went on the back burner for 2 years but I noticed I kept getting all of these women messaging and emailing me, "How can I be a makeup artist? How can I do what you do? What are the steps I need to take? How did you open a studio/start a makeup line?". I realized that they were reaching out to me because there wasn't a lot of information out there about building a makeup artistry business past buying a makeup kit, and so my coaching business was born. 

Sometimes things don't look like how we think they will or should. Sometimes we get little nudges, I think of them as like little bread crumbs, and if we keep following them we eventually start to see the whole picture come together.

Don't ignore the little nudges, that's the Universe talking to you!